Proposal to the Government and Ministry of Health on lead poisoning


2017-02-09 11:28 GMT+8

GoGo News Agency has decided to observe the effects of air pollution on children`s health and conducted blood lead test on children, considering that are associated with the environment pollution.

15 children aged 7-10 years, living in 5 different areas of Ulaanbaatar city for more than 2 years got involved the test. Children living in following areas were selected;

  • Bayankhoshuu, the most polluted area,
  • Da Khuree, the technical market,
  • Narantuul market, the biggest market,
  • City center, the busiest area,
  • Zaisan, the new residential area.

Test results were as follows:

The problem that we have faced when reporting was the country has only two laboratories that conduct blood lead test. We have cooperated with an authorized labor and environmental hygiene laboratory under Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences. 

Proposal to the Government of Mongolia and the Ministry of Health:

We have submitted the following proposal to the Prime Minister J.Erdenebat Health Minister A.Tsogtsetseg on Feb 8th. 

  1. Conduct bio-monitoring sample survey of toxic heavy metals in the human body nationwide. Knowing their children`s blood lead level, parents will be able to take an appropriate action to reduce the level. 
  2. Conduct survey and analysis nationwide to identify the sources of lead poisoning. As a result, well-informed citizens will eliminate the source of lead poisoning.
  3. Establish lead inspection and surveillance system. Health care organizations to take systematic measures to reduce lead poisoning. Also, it will include prevention of chronic poisoning and treatment to neutralize the poison. 

No safe blood lead level in children has been identified. Lead can harm a child’s both physical and mental growth, behavior, ability to learn, kidney and hearing. 

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