T.Gan-Erdene: Scientists will submit proposals to reduce air pollution next month

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2017-02-10 14:20 GMT+8

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat issued regulation to establish a working group consisted of scientists and obliged them to submit proposals on reducing air pollution. 

We interviewed with T.Gan-Erdene, deputy chairman of the working group on their activities and further plan. 

-Scientists are working togther for the first time to find solution for reducing air pollution. When did you start?
-A number of people approached us after establishment of our working group. We have discussed the proposals and initiatives to reduce air pollution at our first meeting. We will study more the necessary proposals. 

The main goal of the working group is to find and develop scientific solutions to reduce air pollution. Now we are conducting research in following three areas;

  • Electric heating solutions,
  • Heat supply solutions, 
  • Reducing toxic emissions from vehicles.

We have established working groups for each areas. Leading scientists have built up their team already. 

If we find a way to reduce air pollution of Ulaanbaatar city, we can easily solve the pollution of aimags. The main target area of our study is ger-district. 

-Give us more details on working group to find electric heating solutions, please?
-The working group is seeking a way to produce more heat using less energy. Moreover they conducting comparative study on cheap electric heaters. We are not striving to use electric heaters designed by Mongolian engineers. Parts of the heaters can be brought from abroad and assembled here.  

Working group on heat supply solutions are developing diagram. For instance, they are calculating how many sub-stations and transformers should be constructed in Khailaast, how much energy shall be supplied those households, what is the standard for electric wires. Implementation of the diagram is likely to need large amount of investment.

Heat loss of new apartments is relatively low. There are 210 thousand households are residing in ger-district of which 100 thousand of them are living in a ger. Working group on heat supply aims to determine insulation material for gers and size of ger barn.  

Ger district households need heat collector as free nighttime electricity tariff​ for ger district households was enabled. Thus they should collect heat at nighttime and heat their homes during daytime. 

-Many people suggest to decrease the number of vehicles. However vehicles became our daily usage. Families with children really need a car. What is the good idea to reduce toxic emissions from the vehicle?
-Working group on reducing toxic emissions from vehicles are studying the possibility to use natural gas for transportation and install air filter in car exhaust system. Also they are considering to raise awareness of eco-driving among bus. For instance, speed up and sudden braking emits much smoke.

-Turkey reduced its air pollution in a short period using natural gas for heating during 1950-1960. Have you learned from this experience?
-We need infrastructure for that experience. Other countries supply gas through pipes which costs high. Also gas can be packed for sale. However it is dangerous for households to use gas for heating and cooking. It has high risk to explode. Thus we can not suggest this experience to households. 

-What else has planned to be done?
-We have planned to visit Huhhot and Almaty, Kazakhstan to learn solutions on tackling air pollution. 

We were obliged to submit the proposals to the Government within the first quarter of 2017. We need MNT 150 million to conduct the study on heaters. If we test the heaters in warm season, we can not get the best result.

-Thank you for the interview. 

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