Experience the biggest folk music festival of Mongolia


2017-02-15 09:43 GMT+8

Every year, just before the Tsagaan Sar celebration the biggest folk music concert is organized with the aim to develop Mongolian folk music, support artists promoting Mongolia to the world and maintain unity of the Mongols through folk arts. 

Described as the biggest folk concerts ever held in Mongolia, the concert now enjoy a 6-year history and have featured an eclectic mix of the country’s finest musicians and entertainers.

This 6th concert is organized as the traditional music festival and named as Ekh Undarga (Fountain) and over 300 artists including Domog, Jonon, Khusugtun, Ikh Mongol, Nuudelchid, Khemnel are to perform Mongolian folk music, long song, throat singing, traditional dance and traditional music instruments.

The festival will take place on Feb 17-19 at the Central Cultural Palace of Mongolian Trade Unions. 

Tickets are now available at www.ticket.mn at 25,000 MNT and 50,000 MNT. 


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