Residents warned not to join G-Time networking


2017-02-16 14:58 GMT+8

MP O.Baasankhuu submitted letter to the General Prosecutor of Mongolia and the State Justice Advisor M.Enkh-Amgalan, demanding to conduct examination on G-Time Corporation LLC. 

He stated on the letter that: 

Recently, G-Time networking have spread quickly among people and hundreds of citizens have joined the business. However, now they are in condition which they may face economic and material losses in further. 

Therefore, as General Prosecutor of Mongolia, I want you to establish a working group to examine the real situation, immediately stop the networking if there is any criminal situation and to prevent citizens from becoming victims of crime. 

Besides Director-General of G-Time Corporation LLC J.Marat was banned to cross Mongolian border on Feb 10th. Currently, no details have been delivered yet. 

Moreover Financial Regulatory Committee considered G-Time networking as illegal, socially dangerous and fraudulent activity, warning citizens not to join the businesses. 

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