What can you eat with $10 in Mongolia


2017-03-02 09:00 GMT+8

In scope of Asia News Network project, we at GoGo Mongolia aimed to figure out what can you eat with US$10 (that is 25 thousand Mongolian Tugriks) in Mongolia. 

We visited following places;

  • Exe coffee shop, locates 1st floor in Exe office building for breakfast, 
  • Etugen university to try the "Piroshki" that most students have every day,
  • Cafe Bene for a coffee and a slice of cake,
  • Narantuul market to try some street food called "Banshtai tsai" ,
  • Hot pot cafe for "Huushuur", the cheapest, delicious and easy filling food of Mongolia, 
  • Typical Mongolian cafe for a bottle of local beer. 

Of course, Mongolia has many different kind of food places, including Western style, Asian style and vegetarian food places too. 

Also you might have heard that most Mongolians eat lots of meat every day, even for breakfast. But in this video, we tried to mostly show you the local foods.

We hope you enjoy the video. 

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