New standard stoves to be retailed from April 1


2017-03-14 10:27 GMT+8

During a recent press conference, Air Pollution Reduction Department of the Ulaanbaatar Administration informed that an order regarding the sales of a new standard stove has been delivered to main markets like ‘Narantuul and Kharkhorin.

The press conference was co-held by Air Pollution Reduction, Environment, Health and Land Departments of the Ulaanbaatar Administration last Friday, and addressed the implementation of Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s ordinance issued in January and commonly asked questions by citizens.

M.Delgerekh, Head of the Air Pollution Reduction Department said, “National Security Council’s meeting on January 10 concluded that air pollution in the capital city had reached a hazardous level. In scope of the statement, Citizens’ Representative Khural of the capital city and aimags were ordered to draft a set of measures to be taken”.

“Our department has taken several measures, including the implementation of City without Smoke 2030 project and 2016-2020 action plan of Ulaanbaatar Mayor, authorizing specialized inspectors to inspect air pollution in four zones and inspections at steam boilers in Ulaanbaatar. We’ve also installed 200 air filter equipments in 50 kindergartens in the most polluted zones”, he said.

According to him, main markets will begin new standard stove sales from April 1 onwards and furthermore, stove producers will be under inspection. The new stove is estimated to reduce air pollution in the capital by up to 35 percent.

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