Exhibition encourages women to embrace their bodies


2017-03-14 15:53 GMT+8

This year, March - International Women’s History Month is being celebrated nationwide under the slogan “Be Bold for Change”. Within the framework of the annual celebration, a photography exhibition under the theme “Beautiful body 2.0” organized by "Women for Change” NGO and "ICT Creative Division” studio with the support from the US Embassy in Ulaanbaatar opened at the Ulaanbaatar Art Gallery yesterday, March 13.

The exhibition aims to demonstrate that there is no universal fixed standard of beauty. Some 22 photos are being displayed at the exhibition, each of which has its own character re-imagined from the world famous fine art works addressing the beauty of women and self-esteem on their bodies.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, D.Zolzaya, Director of “Women for Change” NGO said “Bodies of "flawless and skinny" models on magazine are seen as beautiful bodies and many of us tend to compare our body shapes with them, only to get upset for not being able to be "perfect” as they are. It has a connection to the consequences of self-doubt, eating disorder or other negative psychological effects".

She continued "Women who were featured in photos of the exhibition are willing to break this petty concept of beauty through recreations of famous art works belonging to different periods by showing off their own unique beauty. Therefore, we would like to encourage young girls to have a positive attitude to their body shapes and look into the beauty of their own bodies by being bold for change”.

The exhibition will end on March 26. 

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