Copper concentrate processing plant to be built in Khanbogd soum


2017-03-16 09:52 GMT+8

On Mar 16th, plenary session of the Government approved the proposal to build copper concentrate processing plant in Khanbogd soum which is submitted by the Ministry of Mining. 

The processing plant will be capable of processing one million tonnes of copper concentrate per year and is planned to be commissioned by 2020. 

Experts ans specialists of mining industry considered that the plant is suitable to be built near Oyutolgoi deposit in Khanbagd soum, taking into advantages of raw materials, transportation and energy transmission. 

Ts.Dashdorj, Ministry of Mining is obliged to choose the investor of the project. 

At least 10 percent of the total stock of the processing plant is allowed to be owned by the state without cost and investment fee. 

Moreover D.Oyunkhorol, Minister of Environment was obliged to study the possible option for water supply of "Oyutolgoi`s concentration plant", "Tavantolgoi coal washing plant", "Tavantolgoi power plant", "Copper concentration processing plant" from "Orkhon gobi", "Kherlen gobi" and "Ongi gobi" projects and submit to the Government. 

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