Cabinet determines nature reserve boundaries


2017-03-16 10:46 GMT+8

During its regular meeting on March 15, the Cabinet approved the boundaries for nature reserves in two aimags.

Firstly, the boundary of the Tost, Toson Bumba Mountain Nature Reserve in Gurvantes soum of Umnugobi aimag was determined as 743058.00 ha area.

In connection with the decision, corresponding officials and ministers were ordered to reach consensus on termination of mining licenses within the nature reserve boundary with the license holders. The Cabinet’s decision increases the total area of nationally protected areas by 0.4 percent.

Secondly, the Cabinet defined the boundary of Noyon Mountain Range Nature Reserve which covers territories of Mandal soum, Selenge aimag and Bornuur and Batsumber soums of Tuv aimag. The nature reserve’s boundary has been finalized as 11127.05 ha area in Selenge aimag and 650.0 ha area in Tuv aimag.

Thus, 11837.05 ha area surrounding the Noyon Mountain Range Nature Reserve is now protected by the Government, increasing the total area of protected areas by 0.04 percent. There are 5 special mining and exploration licenses in the now protected area.

The Noyon Mountain Range is rich in historical and archaeological remains. Corresponding organizations and governors were assigned to hold talks with related sides on the issue of nature reserve compensations and register them to database.

Photography: Tost, Toson Bumba Mountain. Photo credit: D.Adiya

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