Nat’l hockey team claims second win in Bangkok


2017-03-21 14:01 GMT+8

The Mongolian national team played its second game yesterday at the Asian “Challenge Cup” hockey competition, being held in Bangkok, Thailand. The homesters lost this game to Mongolians after three rounds of fierce duel, with points 5:4. In its first game, the Mongolian team clean swept the Singaporeans by 13:0. 

In 36 seconds after the start of game with the Thai team, I.Altangerel scored a goal followed by two goals in fifth and eighth minutes by I.Gerelt and B.Tserenbaljir, taking control of the game by 3:0. By the end of the first round, Japanese-born M.Kitayama of the Thai team scored the first goal for his team and stimulated the spirit of homesters. Tanakroekkiat and Chartsuvan made the following goals in the second round and equaled the number of scores.

Nevertheless, in the final round, Ts.Shinebayar and I.Gerelt from our team scored the goals, which secured the victory.

The Mongolian team is being ranked at the second place in the Challenge Cup after the team of the United Arab Emirates, thus far. The UAE team defeated their rivals, Malaysia by 10:3 and Singapore by 10:0.

The next bout for Mongolians is a game against Malaysia. If this game goes successful, our team might advance in rank and take the lead. This means that Mongolia will have already secured the silver medal.

With two more wins, Mongolia would champion this international championship. Last year, the UAE team has landed the silver medal after losing a game to Taiwan, whereas Mongolia grabbed the bronze medal. This year`s main contest is between the two runner-ups from last year, Mongolia and the UAE.

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