Nawryz celebration at K.Eryk`s family


2017-03-22 18:35 GMT+8

Kazakh people residing every corner of Mongolia is celebrating Nawryz widely today. 

In scope of the Nawryz celebration, we visited K.Erkyn`s family who living in Ulaanbaatar city for more than 15 years. He lives with this wife and two children. 

Traditionally they greet their parents and elders first. Erkyn`s friends are coming to greet Erkyn`s mother who came from the countryside.

Dombor is a Kazakh`s national music instrument which must be played on Nawryz holiday. Every elders and children of Kazakh can play the Dombor.

Main dishes of Nawryz are cookies, steamed vegetables rolled in flour, horse meat, sheep head and rice soup with curds.

Kazakh people put on traditional clothes decorated with hand embroidery on Nawryz holiday.

Eldest person of the family must say blessings before eating the dishes. Others must open their hands into their face when listening the blessings.

Following the blessings, everybody must say Amen touching their face with their open arms meaning that they accept the blessings.

Eldest man of the family must touch the festive meat first.

Children gather together and play knuckle bones on Nawryz holiday.

Photo by: D.Javkhlantugs

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