Mongolia launches seven new air routes


2017-03-30 11:23 GMT+8

On Mar 30th at 8 a.m, Mongolian civil aviation sector launched seven new air routes. 

According to the "Government policy on civil aviation until 2020", Mongolian civil aviation sector set to implement Performance-based navigation (PBN) procedures with three phases. The launch of seven new air routes was the second phase of the implementation of PBN procedure. 

PBN offers a number of advantages over the sensor-specific method of developing airspace and obstacle clearance criteria:

  1. reduces the need to maintain sensor-specific routes and procedures, and their costs. 
  2. avoids the need for developing sensor-specific operations with each new evolution of navigation systems, which would be cost-prohibitive. 
  3. allows for more efficient use of airspace (route placement, fuel efficiency and noise mitigation);
  4. clarifies how RNAV systems are used;
  5. facilitates the operational approval process for civil aviation authorities by providing a limited set of navigation specifications intended for global use.

Previously, Mongolia was using three PBN routes and today it has increased to 10. As estimated, the new PBN routes to reduce carbon dioxide emitting by transit air crafts by 5220 tons, shorten 230 thousand kilometers route and save 1,600 tons of fuel.

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