Temperature will reach 13C to 15C today

A.Ikhsanaa GoGo.mn

2017-04-06 09:19 GMT+8

Mostly cloudy in most regions. Precipitation is expected in Khuvsgul mountains. No precipitation is expected in other regions. Winds in Eastern SW will reach 6-11 m/s and it will reach 14-16 m/s in the Altai mountains. 

Temperature will be 1C to -4C in Khuren belchir, 0C to 5C in Uvs lake, Darkhad hollow, Ider, Ter river basins, Khangai and Khuvsgul mountainous areas, 16C to 21C in Gobi region and 10C to 15C in other regions.

ULAANBAATAR CITY:  Mostly cloudy. No precipitation. Winds from SW will reach 6-11 m/s. Temperature will be 13C to 15C today. 

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