"Two hearts" film to premiere today


2017-02-03 11:00 GMT+8

Galaa run to the hospital when he heard that his son Jargal went accident. Doctors said that his son might not wake up. But the father did not want to hear such kind of words. The soul of a father who has been fighting for his son who is in a coma for many months. He believes that his son will recover one day... 

This is the new film called Two lives, directed by B.Ganbold who was known as directed psychological tragic drama "Leftover" and "Red Square" which tells the story of current mad society. 

His new film, "Two hearts" tells the story of father`s love and gives you the concept of sin and charity. 

The film tries to let people understand the meaning of love, says director D.Ganbold after watching the film. 

Author, poet, and scholar P.Bathuyag: "The film tells all people try to do good deeds in their own ways. Film director expressed such idea in a great and proper way, which left a very good impression on me".

Mongolian State Honored artist S.Bold-Erdene starred in the film as Galaa, the father of Jargal while film director`s son G.Gundbilguun played a role of Galaa and Mongolian State Honored Artist D.Purevsuren acted roles as author woman. 

Interestingly, actor S.Bold-Erdene sang the soundtrack of Two hearts. 

The film, "Two hearts" produced by Mongol Content LLC and Khamba film studio to premiere at IMAX cinema on Feb 3 at 4 p.m as well as Khunnu cinema at 6.20 p.m. 

Film artists:

  • General director B.Ganbold 
  • Author Kh.Altankhad
  • Producer G.Gantuya 
  • Composer G.Tseren 
  • General artist А.Uuriintuya
  • Cameraman: G.Iderchuluun. 

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