GoGo News Agency to cooperate with Mongolian Immigration Agency

Journalist A.Odontuya

2017-04-13 14:11 GMT+8

GoGo News Agency signed a cooperation memorandum with Mongolian Immigration Agency, the Government Implementing Agency of Mongolia. 

In scope of the memorandum, mongolia.gogo.mn to deliver Law of Mongolia, Law of Mongolia on the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals, Immigration Law and other affiliated laws, regulations, and news for international readers from the most trusted and reliable source. 

The signing ceremony was attended by G.Gantuya, CEO of Mongol Content LLC and Head of Mongolian Immigration Agency D.Murun. 

About Mongolian Immigration Agency

Immigration status is an independent body responsible for central residents, immigrants and stateless persons to register controls in Mongolian implements the following functions.

Монгол Улсад байнга оршин суугч, цагаач, харьяалалгүй иргэдийн бүртгэл хяналтыг төвлөрүүлэн хариуцах

Mongolia Immigration Agency is an independent Government body responsible for managing the registration and controls of foreign citizens residing in Mongolia, immigrants and stateless people. 

The main function of the agency as follows:

  • Organize at visa issuance for foreign nationals, who is applying for a temporary residence, for official or personal reasons; issue a visa permit or a residence permit; extension of visas; permit a personal invitation; electronic identity card; create and integrate registration database of controls, visas and visa permission
  • Provide professional assistance and methodological support for the Diplomatic Missions  of Mongolia abroad
  • Resolve issues related to the civil citizenship and immigration, adoption a child who has a citizenship of Mongolia for the foreign family and issues related to the Representative Office of the International or foreign Non-Government Organizations.
  • Put control on the implementation of the laws and regulations about the civil citizenship and migration process, to resolve the violations found.

About GoGo news agency

GoGo news agency was founded in 2007 and dedicates its actions towards trustworthy, most up-to-date, unbiased, independent news spread about Mongolia. In addition, we prepare major articles and coverages which cover social, political and economic sectors. 

Apart from gogo.mn, we are running mongolia.gogo.mn, daily news website for English-speaking people and yolo.mn, a website for teenagers. 

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