Peaceful protest takes place at Sukhbaatar square

Journalist A.Odontuya

2017-04-17 11:09 GMT+8

The movement against offshore account holders is holding a peaceful protest at Sukhbaatar square. 

"The main purpose of the protest is to find a solution to fight against certain authorities and politicians with offshore accounts and come up with results. Also, we should highlight that it is not a weapon against any political party. It is only citizens protest.

As a result of our movement, Parliament approved a law that regulates offshore account holders. Unfortunately, the law turns wrong, even some MPs are expressing sorrow for approving such a wrong law. All we want is to investigate authorities and politicians with offshore accounts whose names were revealed already as well as to identify their source of incomes. 

We want actual results and that is why we are holding this protest", says the leader of the movement. 

MP S.Javkhlan, former deputy Minister of Mongolia Ts.Oyunbaatar and former MP S.Ganbaatar joined the protest and expressed their support. 

MP S.Javkhlan states "A politicians who run for president should bring the illegal money of their politician friends that saved abroad. The Democratic party will have the right to run for president after bringing the money of S.Bayartsogt (former MP) as well as Mongolian People`s party should bring the money of S.Bayar (former prime minister). At this situation, we will not pay for additional tax. Ruling party increased taxes and made wrong decision so that they must ask the people for forgiveness. Stop stealing. Saving one`s money abroad is not a patriotic act. Parties are defending people with offshore accounts. Why is president not putting a veto and fighting against that issue? Because the president is standing on the same side with them. Let`s dismiss the Government and the President". 

The movement against offshore account holders organized a protest in March 2017. 

They handed a petition to the Parliament, demanding to examine three heads of Mongolia including the president, prime minister and the speaker of the parliament, MPs and other authorities with offshore accounts. However, they have not received any respond.  

On April 13, the Parliament approved amendments to Law on Managing and Preventing from conflict of interests in the public service. The law bans state and government officials to hold offshore bank accounts and if the officials already have offshore bank accounts and have deposited money, they are obliged to withdraw money from the account within three months since the law approval and to report about it within 30 days after the action.

Restrictions and limitations of the law will be applicable to over 30 thousand government officials and their family members, children, business partners who are obliged to submit annual income statements to the Anti-Corruption Agency. Income statement forms will be renewed, in compliance with the law.

People believe that government officials who opened offshore accounts before the adoption of the law remain clear. 

In addition, protest organizers announced that they sued former MP S.Bayartsogt. 

Protesters sit-down strike at Sukhbaatar square until Apr, 17. 

Offshore leaks made public by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists /ICIJ/ verified 49 Mongolian citizens have offshore accounts. Politicians involved in the offshore account scandal includes S.Bayartsogt (former MP), S.Bayar (former MP), Su.Batbold (former MP). 

Your donations will be funded for well being of the country.

"Let`s dismiss thieves who are wealthier than the country"

Countries all around the world punish authorities and MPs with offshore accounts, but Government of Mongolia is defending them.

"We are protesting tax increase!"

"Punish authorities and politicians with offshore accounts"

"Government of Mongolia must announce, investigate and stop the authorities and politicians with offshore accounts"

"We want Government with no politicians with offshore accounts"

Photo by B.Byamba-Ochir

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