Wind and dust storms expected in most regions


2017-04-17 16:50 GMT+8

Wind and dust storms are expected in some areas according to the five-day weather forecast.

Precipitation, snow and snow storm is expected in Eastern aimags today and tomorrow while most regions on Apr 18-19 and Northern aimags on Apr 21. 

On these days, winds will reach 18-20 m/s with dust and snow storm. 

Temperature will reach 8C to 13C in Khuren belchir and Darkhad hollow at night and -2C to 3C at day, 5C to 10C in Ider, Tes river basins, Khangai, Khuvsgul, Khentii mountainous areas at night and 1C to 6C at day, 0C to 5C in Gobi regions at night and 12C to 17C at day, 1C to -6C in other regions at night and 8C to 13C at day. 

Warm weather is expected on Apr 18 in Eastern aimags and Apr 20 in most regions. 

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