Mongolia`s first satellite-launch project introduced


2017-04-19 14:20 GMT+8

Within the framework of an international BIRDS project, a joint team of the Kyushu Institute of Technology of Japan and the National University of Mongolia (NUM) is working to launch a satellite into space this year.

The Joint Global Multi-Nation BIRDS (JGMNB) project is a cross-border interdisciplinary spectral and infrared remote detection (BIRD) satellite project for non-space faring countries supported by Japan. Ghana, Mongolia, Nigeria, and Bangladesh are some of the seven countries participating in the project.

Each country team in the project is creating their own country satellite into space and Mongolia's satellite is named Mazaalai - the Mongolian Gobi Bear, which would be a symbol of the sovereignty of Mongolia. Three Mongolian students pursuing a doctorate degree at the Kyushu Institute of Technology, D.Erdenebaatar, D.Amartuvshin and T.Turtogtokh are in the team to build the first Mongolian satellite.

Last February, a press conference was held to deliver the “Mazaalai” satellite to the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency. The satellite will soon be transferred to NASA to be sent into space along with the regular supplies of the International Space Station in SpaceX rocket.

On April 13, the project team, including leader of the Mongolian team in the project R.Tsolmon, who is Dean of Aerospace and Surveillance Research Laboratory of the NUM introduced the progress of the BIRDS project and Mazaalai satellite to Mongolian public. 

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