Car-free day to be held in Ulaanbaatar city tomorrow

Journalist A.Odontuya

2017-05-19 09:00 GMT+8

Ulaanbaatar city will hold its annual Car-Free Day tomorrow (on May 20) in order to promote the mass transit, cycling and walking. In view of this event, roads of Sukhbaatar square, Seoul street, Choimbol street, Sambuu street, Ankara street, Sukhbaatar street, University street, Beijing street, Zaluuchuud street, Peace avenue, Chagdarjav street, Embassy street, the Olympic street will be closed from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. 

This Saturday, the biggest markets and shopping centers such as Shonhor, Night Plaza, Ugoomor technical market, Bumbugur, Sodon, Narantuul, E mart, Dunjingarav, Sunday Plaza, Bayanzurkh, Mercury, Bars Kharkhorin, Misheel expo and all building materials` shops in 100 ail will be closed. 

Moreover, buses such as  Т:2 "5 shar - Botanik", Т:4 "Botanik - Railway station", Т:5 "3,4th micro district - Officer`s Palace" will not be running on this day. 

On this day, following two major events to be organized and everyone interested is welcomed. 


The marathon has two categories - Amateur and Professional. Runners will start from Sukhbaatar square and after running specified routes, runners will finish back at Sukhbaatar square. The opening ceremony will begin at 9 a.m. 

  1. The professional category is divided into half - 21 km; and full - 42 km distances and includes both foreign and domestic professional runners above age 18. 
  2. Amateurs' marathon is divided into 3 distances with 4 age groups. Specifically, 5 km distance will include ages between 12-17, 18-35, 36-54, 55 and above; and 10 km distance includes everyone above age 18. 

Moreover, it has also marathon designed for families and people with disabilities for 1.5 km distance. Runners who finish in 1-10th places in any category will be rewarded with medals, certificate and cash prize. 

For more info, please visit at or contact at (976) - 312785. 


City Governor`s Office and the Mongolian Youth Union are to organize the annual bicycle parade on a car-free day. The parade will start at 2 p.m from Sukhbaatar square.

The main purpose of the parade is to have more cycling roads in Ulaanbaatar city. Each year, parade participants made words with their bicycles such as "UDU" - means Ulaanbaatar city with a bicycle, "ZAM" - means a road, and "HUUHED" - means a children, demanding officials to build more cycling roads and popularize cycling in Ulaanbaatar city. This year, the parade will create a word "NEMEY" - meaning let`s add. 

Participants are advised to wear a helmet and bike rental spots will be available at the Sukhbaatar square.

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