Energy of major deposits like Oyu Tolgoi will be provided domestically


2017-05-11 12:39 GMT+8

Loan agreement drafts on projects that will be established between the Ministry of Finance and the Export-Import Bank of China to build reinforced concrete bridge over Tuul river and construct Ulaanbaatar - Mandalgobi power transmission lines and substation have finalized respectively by the Cabinet yesterday. 

USD 118 million will be spent on construction of Ulaanbaatar - Mandalgobi power transmission lines and substation. The money will be funded from USD 1 billion soft loan that was established in 2015 between the Government of Mongolia and the Export-Import Bank of China. 

Ulaanbaatar - Mandalgobi power transmission lines and substation will enable major deposits such as Oyu Tolgoi, Tavantolgoi, and Tsagaansuvarga to be provided with energy. Moreover, if Tavantolgoi power plant will be commissioned, those deposits will have two energy sources. 

Bayanzurkh bridge which will be built over Tuul river was first commissioned in 1963 and 1965. Thus, the project is aiming to expand the road and ensure safety. 

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