Temperatures to climb 30C next week in Ulaanbaatar

M.Jargal GoGo.mn

2017-05-12 15:09 GMT+8

Ulaanbaatar city will have warm weather next week with temperatures predicted to reach 30C in next Tuesday.

Five days weather forecast: (May 13-17)

Precipitation is expected in east parts of Western aimags and west parts of Central and Gobi aimags. Winds will reach 12-14 m/s on north parts of the country on May 15 and most regions on May 16. Sometimes it will be getting stronger and reach 18-20 m/s. 

Temperatures will be 19-24C on Ider, Tes river basins, Khuren belchir, Darkhad hollow, Khangai, Khuvsgul, Khentii mountainous areas, 28C to 33C in Orkhon-Selenge river basins, Gobi regions and 24C to 29C in other regions. 

Source: tsag-agaar.mn

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