Former president N.Enkhbayar was not allowed to run for President election 2017


2017-05-15 10:30 GMT+8

General Election Committee held a meeting on May 14 and registered Mongolian People`s Party M.Enkhbold and Democratic Party Kh.Battulga as candidates for Presidential election which will be held on June 26.

Based on some missing statements and other reasons, however, former president and presidential candidate of Mongolian People`s Revolutionary Party N.Enkhbayar was not allowed to run in the parliamentary elections. 

He was refused due to;

  1. Missing documents such as Border department statement.
  2. He was convicted of corruption in 2012 and his sentence period has not ended yet and it will be expired on Aug 2. 
  3. He had not lived in Mongolia for 13 months (from Aug 13, 2013, to Oct 9, 2014). 

President qualification of Mongolia:

  • be a Mongolian citizen, born of Mongolian parents,
  • 45 years of age or above,
  • having permanently resided in Mongolia for five years,
  • not have been convicted of crimes;
  • not have previously served more than two terms as President.

According to the Election Law, the Mongolian People`s Revolutionary Party is eligible to nominate another candidate within May 17. However, party members and supporters state that our MPRP has no candidate for presidential election except N.Enkbayar. 

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