Temperature will reach 32C today


2017-05-16 09:21 GMT+8

Decreased clouds in Ulaanbaatar city and no rain. Winds from SW will reach 6-11 m/s. The temperatures will be 30C to 32C today. 

Decreased clouds in most regions and no rain all regions. Winds from SW in western parts of the country, W in eastern parts of the country will reach 5-10 m/s and sometimes it will getting stronger reaching 12-14 m/s in some parts of Western and Central aimags. 

The temperature will be 22C to 27C in Ider, Tes river basins, Altai, Khangai, Khuvsgul, Khentii mountainous areas, Khuren belchir, 29C to 34C in Ikh Nuuruud hollow, Orkhon-Selenge, Tuul, Terelj river basins and Gobi regions and 25C to 30C in other regions. 

Fire specialists remind people to be extremely careful about fire hazards this week due to the dry and hot weather.

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