Biggest markets and shopping centres to be closed on Saturday


2017-05-17 10:40 GMT+8

This Saturday (on May 20th), Shonhor, Night Plaza, Ugoomor technical market, Bumbugur, Sodon, Narantuul, E mart, Dunjingarav, Sunday Plaza, Bayanzurkh, Mercury, Bars Kharkhorin, Misheel expo and all building materials` shops in 100 ail will be closed. 

Due to the fact that Ulaanbaatar city will hold its annual car-free day under a slogan of "Smart passenger - Clean air" as well as Ulaanbaatar international marathon. 

On May 20th, roads of Sukhbaatar square, Seoul street, Choimbol street, Sambuu street, Ankara street, Sukhbaatar street, University street, Beijing street, Zaluuchuud street, Peace avenue, Chagdarjav street, Embassy street, the Olympic street will be closed from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. 

Moreover, competition and trade fairs to be organized within the event. 

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