West coast of Khuvsgul lake will be connected to central electricity power


2017-05-29 17:33 GMT+8

MP L.Munkhbaatar submitted a proposal to State Great Khural to supply electric power in West coast of Khuvsgul lake. The Parliament discussed the issue and set to connect Western coast users to the central electric power by 15th of June within the framework of works to improve the infrastructure in Western par of the Khuvsgul lake tourism zones. 

According to the action plan of the Parliament, the Government was obliged to support the establishment of historical and specialized tourism complex which is based on scenic and unique landscapes of Khuvsgul lake through its policies. 

In scope of the policy, the Government planned to construct wastewater treatment facility in the west coast of the Khuvsgul lake and conducted its feasibility study.  

At first stage, over 80 tourist camps and nearly 200 users living on the Western coast of the lake will be connected to all-year-round power

More than 60 thousand tourists visit the Khuvsgul lake per year and the power supply is expected to increase the number, says Khuvdgul aimag authorities. 

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