Historical results of Mongolian Presidential Elections


2017-06-07 13:03 GMT+8

Just under 20 days left for 2017 Presidential Election. It has been 27 years since Mongolia elected its first president. In Apr 1999, People`s Great Khural created a new position of President of the Mongolian People`s Republic and chose P.Ochirbat, who was working as Chairman of People`s Great Khural for the position. 

The new Constitution of 1992 changed the official name of the country to Mongolia and Ochirbat's official title to "President of Mongolia and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces". The new constitution also set new presidential elections, the first to be decided by direct popular vote, for the following year, 1993. P.Ochirbat served as President of Mongolia from 1990 to 1997, the first to be elected by direct popular vote. Since then, a total of six presidential elections were held in Mongolia. 

We deliver you the review of Presidential Elections of Mongolia.

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