Euro standard cement plant commissioned

2017-06-12 10:07 GMT+8

Mongolyn Alt (MAK) LLC commissioned "MAK-euro" dry process cement plant that meets the international standard in Dalanjargalan soum of Dornogobi province for the purpose of substituting imported cement with locally available raw materials as Mongolia uses more than 2 million cement per year. 

In 2012, MAK LLC signed engineering and equipment supply contracts for Khukh Tsav Cement-Lime project with FLSmidth & Co. A/S, Denmark, and Fercalx, Italy.

"MAK-euro" cement plant to produce high quality, Euro Standard cement including OPC-33 cement, OPC-43 cement, OPC-53 cement, OPC-63 cement, water resistant cement and sulfate resistant cement. 

It is estimated that the cement plant to create 900 new employment opportunities, pay MNT 35 billion of taxes annually and replace import worth USD 70-75 million. 

In scope of the construction of the cement plant, 1.9 km long railway construction work, connecting Olon-ovoo railway station to Khukh Tsav cement project site, was completed and 110/10kv substation with 16х2mv main transformer, and 110kv power line was branched off to the Choir 220kv national grid. 

The opening ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister J.Erdenebat and other delegations. 

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