The national average wage increases by 10 percent

Journalist B.Erdenechimeg

2017-06-13 13:02 GMT+8

National Statistics Office released social and economic statistics of first five months of 2017. 

The average monthly wage per employee who pays social insurance premium reached 959 thousand Tugrik as of first quarter of 2017. Compared to same period of previous year, the average monthly wage increased by 10 percent (87 thousand Tugrik). 

The wage raise as follows;

  • International organization by 9.6 percent (142 thousand Tugrik),
  • Transportation sector by 11 percent (116 thousand Tugrik),
  • Manufacturing sector by 24 percent (197 thousand Tugrik),
  • Mining and exploration sector by 26 percent (519 thousand Tugrik),
  • Science and technical sector by 27 percent (310 thousand Tugrik). 

According to the professions, machine operators and machine assemblers have the highest average monthly salary of 1.2 million Tugrik while certified staffs in agriculture, forestry and fishing paid the minimum salary of 495 thousand Tugrik.

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