Airline ticket price can be lowered by 20-40 percent


2017-06-14 13:49 GMT+8

Authorities of Ministry of Road and Transportation, Civil Aviation Authority, MIAT, Hunnu Air and Air Mongolia made a statement on the possible ways to decrease the cost of airfare.

These companies said that it is possible to lower airline ticket prices by 20-40 percent.

Deputy Minister of Road and Transport B.Tsogtgerel stated "We are seeking for the possibility to reduce airfare price by making amendments to international air agreements. At the first phase, we are planning to make amendments to air agreement with South Korea and hope this would open another opportunity for people to enjoy discounted and cheap flight fares. 

Hunnu Air company to launch a new flight to Ulaan Ude while MIAT to open new flight to Busan with discounted price. Moreover, flights to Bangkok is planning to be launched soon. 

"For the new Ulaanbaatar-Busan route, we set 26 types of flight tariffs according to time and classification. Early ticket can be purchased at the lowest price and cheap ticket accounts 60-70 percent of total flight tickets. For instance, a two-way ticket for Ulaanbaatar-Busan route starts at 970 thousand Tugrik", said MIAT. 

Deputy Minister of Road and Transportation B.Tsogtgerel met with delegations of Asiana Airlines and exchanged views on expanding cooperation. Jon Ilnam, Deputy President of Asian Airlines proposed to conduct regular flights to Incheon-Ulaanbaatar-Incheon route. Air service agreement between the two countries will be signed on 28-29th of June in Ulaanbaatar city. 

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