80 percent of the roof of Gobi factory bulding caught on fire


2017-06-15 09:46 GMT+8

City Emergency Department received the first call at 8.46 p.m yesterday (Jun 14th) and 140 firefighters of all fire extinguisher of the city are working at the scene.

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16:20 2017-08-25

City Emergency Department received the first call of a fire at Gobi factory at 8.46 p.m yesterday (Jun 14th) and more than 140 firefighters of all fire extinguishers of the city worked at the scene.  

Our report team visited the Gobi factory building at 7 a.m today and the fire has not fully extinguished while smoke was endlessly billowing. Currently, the roads to Gobi factory have closed and emergency services have confirmed that nobody was injured. 

Gobi JSC has 1,500 employees and four factories; namely primary stage, knitwear, textile, and sewing. These factories have the capacity to produce 30,000 cashmere clothes annually and the main factories were located at the scene. The building of a factory was built in 1981 by Japanese. 


The total asset of the Gobi JSC is 122 billion Tugrik and its annual sales amount nearly 70 billion Tugrik while the company pays 10 billion Tugrik taxes annually. 

Gobi JSC produces high quality and luxury products by cashmere, camel wool and yak hair. It is the only company that perform 100 percent of its production and processes in Mongolia. Gobi JSC sales its products both in international and domestic products. 

The factory is capable of producing

  • 750 tons of raw cashmere processing,
  • 500 tons of yarn,
  • 25 tons of fine yarn,
  • 1 million pieces of knitwear,
  • 1,100,000 meters of textile products,
  • 100,000 cashmere overcoat annually. 

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16:20 2017-08-25

After 14 hours, nearly 250 firefighters finally stopped the spread of fire and fully extinguished the scene. The fire covered a total of 30,000 square meter areas. 

According to the reports, the fire has started from its additional wooden roof and the cause of the fire has not investigated yet. Due to the fact that the factory roof was made of wood, glass wood, and tar paper, the fire spread so rapidly and 80 percent of the roof was caught on fire. Luckily, the fire has not spread to other parts, especially inside the factory and nobody was injured. 

The fire occurred at the time when repair work of the roof was being done. Now Khan-Uul district`s Police Department is investigating the cause of the fire and the result will come up within 14 days. 

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