Seven fire spots reported at Bogd mountain and five of them extinguished

Photo Journalist D.Javkhlhantugs

2017-06-15 17:12 GMT+8

Bogd mountain which located in the south of Ulaanbaatar city were caught on fire since June 8th and the forest fire was burned nearly 2 hectares of areas. The Bogd mountain covers a total of 42 thousand hectares of land and a total of seven fire spots were reported. 

After working in the disaster areas for eight days and seven nights, a total of 17 firefighters fully extinguished five fire spots with the help of Land Cruiser Association of Mongolia. Due to the lack of emergency equipment and vehicles that are able to reach the disaster spots, the firefighters were extinguishing the fire by bringing water from a distance of 30 km. 

Currently, the firefighters are fighting to stop the remaining two fire spots. 

Moreover, the cause of the fire is being investigated by police and security staffs of Bogd mountain concluding that hikers might have started the fire. In regards, Governor of Khan-Uul district banned hiking and camping to Bogd mountain until June 30th. 

This summer, most regions of the country are suffering drought due to low rainfall. Therefore, residents and tourists are advised not to throw a cigarette butt fire anything unusual and make an open flame (campfire). 

Photo by D.Javkhlantugs

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