Re-election will cost 5 billion Tugrik


2017-06-20 10:45 GMT+8

Only six days left for 2017 Presidential election. This year, a total of 2.032.094 voters are registered and three candidates; namely M.Enkhbold, Mongolian People`s Party, Kh.Battulga, Democratic Party, and S.Ganbaatar, Mongolian People`s Revolutionary Party are running for the election. 

According to the Law on Election, a candidate must receive at least 50 percent plus one vote of the total valid votes to win the election. If none of the candidates win absolute majority votes in the first round, the two most voted candidates to run for a second round while a candidate who received the least votes will be disqualified from the competition. 

Re-election shall be taken place nationwide within two weeks after the first polling day. During the re-election, an election campaign is not allowed. Only registered voters who have not voted for the first round shall attend the re-election and the number of votes from the second round shall be added to the original vote count.

"Approximately 5 billion Tugrik will be required for the re-election", says B.Oyumaa, Head of Information, Research and Method Department, General Election Committee. 

However, the second round of voting was not held in the history of the total six presidential elections of Mongolia. 

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