Temperatures will rise up to 32-36C on weekend

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2017-06-22 12:25 GMT+8

No rain during 23-26th of June and night temperatures will be 14-19C while day temperature will climb tp 32-36C in most regions this weekend. Therefore, people are advised to avoid sunstroke. 

The temperatures of Ulaanbaatar city will be 28-31C until at the end of this week. 

Rain is expected in Western regions on 23-24th of June and most regions on 26th of June. The temperatures will be 21-26C in southern parts of Zavkhan and Bayankhongor aimags, 31-36C in Altai southern Gobi and 26-31C in other parts. 

On 24-26th of June, the temperatures will reach 22-27C in Darkhad hollow, Khuvsgul, Khangai, Khentii mountains, 31-36C in Orkhon-Selenge river valleys and 28-33C in other parts. The night temperature will range between 5-18C. 

The night temperatures in Eastern parts will be 7-12C while day temperatures will be 23-28C. Temperatures in other parts will reach 27-32C during the day and 12-17C during the night. 

Temperatures will rise from 23rd of June and it will reach 30-35C during the day and 15-20C during the night. 

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