Case of presidential canditate S.Ganbaatar to be re-investigated


2017-06-23 13:05 GMT+8

A voice recording of S.Ganbaatar, a presidential candidate of Mongolian People`s Revolutionary Party spread among social media. In the voice recording, S.Ganbaatar was receiving KRW 50 (100 million Tugrik) million donation from a Korean citizen Yu Van Su. 

On Jun 22, Police Department reported that the voice recording of S.Ganbaatar is not a fake and confirmed as a real. Then the case was transferred officially to the court of Bayanzurkh district. 

Today the court of Bayanzurkh district concluded that the investigation was incomplete and decided to conduct an additional investigation on the case due to the candidate did not give an explanation. 

Meanwhile, Police Department requested S.Ganbaatar and Leader of MPRP to give an explanation on the case. However, the candidate delivered any response to the request. 

According to the Law on Election, it is prohibited to receive a donation from;

  • a foreign country, a foreign company, international organization,
  • state and local self-governing bodies, a foreign citizen,
  • a stateless person, a person under 18 years old,  
  • a legal person wholly or partially owned by the State or local government,
  • a legal person that has tax debts, has gone bankrupt, or has overdue bank loan debts as determined by a court decision,
  • a labor union or religious and other non-governmental organizations 
  • a legal person that has been in operation for less than one year since its establishment.

If a presidential candidate receives donations, he/she shall be exempted from the candidate list and the donation will be transferred to the state fund. 

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