World-Leading engineers and developers to gather in Ulaanbaatar


2017-07-03 16:00 GMT+8

An international meeting for advanced technology will be taking place at "Tuushin Hotel", Ulaanbaatar on July 6. During the meeting, advanced technologies from Australia, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Netherlands are expected to be presented.

During the meeting, engineers from the participating countries will be presenting their technologies, as well as exchanging practices of further development. The organizers consider that breakthrough technologies of the 21st century will help provide safety in the projects implementing in Mongolia and will have significant impact in their efficiency.

One of the highlighted technologies that is expected to be presented at the event is a non-destructive testing technology. Introducing internationally approved non-destructive testing technologies into Mongolian industrial sector would help determine abnormalities, evaluate safety and assets. In order to increase the longevity of equipments and for industries to adapt to the market, the usage of non-destructive testing technology is increased in the recent years.

With an aim to renovate various sectors, such as mining, renewable energy, construction and energy, Mongolia's branch of "Aplas" Ltd' is organizing the meeting to introduce breakthrough modern technologies. The company provides world-class human resource service and has expanded their operation to mining sector, cooperating with various projects in the energy sector. 


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