Schedule of border crossings during Naadam festival


2017-07-04 09:23 GMT+8

In scope of the upcoming Naadam festival, Mongolia-Russia and Mongolia-China border crossings will be closed according to the below schedule. The Naadam festival is celebrated from Jul 11-15th and it is declared as official non-working days.  

Mongolia-Russia border crossings:

  1. Jul 11-15th - Tsagaannuur-Tashanta border crossing
  2. Jul 11-13th - Tes - Shar suuri border crossing
  3. Jul 10-13th - Khankh - Mond border crossing
  4. Jul 10-13th - Ulikhan - Deed ulikhan border crossing  
  5. Jul 10-13th - Borshoo - Khandgait border crossing 
  6. Jul 10-13th Арцсуурь-Цагаантолгой боомт - Artssuuri - Tsagaantolgoi border crossing. 

Meanwhile, international road ports Altanbulag-Khiagt, Ereentsav-Soloviyevsk and railway port Sukhbaatar-Naushki, Ereentsav-Soloviyevsk will work according to their regular schedule.

Mongolia-China border crossings:

Mongolia-China road ports will be closed from Jul 11th to Jul 15th. However, international train and airplane will run according to their regular schedule.

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