Kh.Battulga, DP nominee is in the lead

2017-07-08 01:36 GMT+8

General Election Committee reports the voter turnout rate of the second round of Presidential Election 2017. 

The participation rate of 21 aimags totals 58.35 percent while voter turnout of Ulaanbaatar city reaches 62.85 percent. Thus, the voter turnout in Mongolia is measured at 60.41 percent, meaning that re-polling will not be conducted.  

According to the preliminary result for Jul 7th, the second round of polling, a nominee of Democratic Party Kh.Battulga is leading the race. 

  • Kh.Battulga, a nominee of Democratic Party won 50.63 percent (608,552 votes), 
  • M.Enkhbold, a nominee of Mongolian People`s Party won 41.16 percent (494,696 votes). 

Currently, voting result data of all districts of the Ulaanbaatar city and ten aimags out of 21 aimags have finalized. 

Some ballots of Mongolian citizens living in overseas will arrive in Mongolia tomorrow at around 10 p.m and the counting expects to be completed at around 12 p.m. 

Meanwhile, nearly 98,200 voters cast blank ballots. 

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