Meet the new President of Mongolia

2017-07-10 13:13 GMT+8

A nominee of Mongolian People`s Party M.Enkhbold won a total of 497067 (41.16 percent) votes while a nominee of Democratic Party won 611226 (50.61 percent) votes during the second round of Presidential Election 2017. Opposite Democratic Party candidate beat his component by 114159 votes and elected as the new president of Mongolia.

This year, voting age population in Mongolia was counted 1 million 990 thousand 797 hundred nationwide. The voter turnout rate was measured at 60.67 percent (1,207,787) nationwide.

Today, he takes office as the 5th president of Mongolia and his swearing in ceremony was attended by the Parliament Members, Government Members, delegations from Supreme Court and Chief Prosecutor's Office as well as ambassadors to Mongolia.

Kh.Battulga takes oath of office: "I do swear that I will perform faithfully for the independence, unity and justice of Mongolia".

He will serve as the president of Mongolia for four years.

Former president Ts.Elbegdorj is handing over the state stamp to the new president of Mongolia Kh.Battulga

Powers of the President:

  • Nominate a candidate for the office of Prime Minister, who is then approved or rejected by the State Great Khural (parliament). 
  • Veto the Khural's legislation (can be overridden with a two-thirds majority).
  • Approve judicial appointments.
  • Appoint the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Mongolia. 
  • Chair the national security council.
  • Act as commander in chief of the armed forces.
  • Nominate the Prosecutor General, the official in charge of implementing the laws, who is then approved or rejected by the Khural.



  • In 1978, he graduated from the 34th secondary school of Ulaanbaatar, 
  • In 1982, he graduated Fine arts high school as a painter. 


  • From 1979 - 1990, he was an athlete for Sambo national team,
  • From 1982 - 1990, he worked as a painter at Fine arts organization, 
  • From 1990 - 2004. he worked as a general director of "Genco" LLC, 
  • From 1997 - 2004, he worked as CEO of Bayangol hotel JSC, 
  • From 1999 - 2004, he worked as CEO of Mah Impex JSC, 
  • From 2004 - 2008, he elected as MP,  
  • From 2008 - 2012, he appointed as Minister of Road, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development,  
  • From 2008 - 2012, he elected as MP, 
  • From 2012 -2016, he elected as MP,  
  • From 2012 -2014, he worked as Minister of Industry and Agriculture, 
  • From 2016, he is working as an anchorman for "Mongol tulgatnii 100 erhem" and chairman of the Mongolian Democratic Union. 
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