First Mongolian 3D animation movie made


2017-07-27 09:30 GMT+8

Mongolia’s first 3D animation movie is expected to premiere next month.

Produced by ‘Amjilt’ animation studio, the animation movie was directed by Ch.Otgonbayar, written by G.Ankhbayar and produced by J.Shijir.

The plot centers around self-indulgent, unsociable inventor Tergel who invents a flying robot named ‘Mora’. The animation movie is the first fictional work by the animation company, and the first 3D animation movie to be produced by Mongolians.

Voice actors N.Yalalt, D.Nyambayar, T.Narangerel, U.Bolormaa, D.Delgersaikhan and Ts.Gombosuren worked on the movie.


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