National committee on environmental pollution reduction meets


2017-08-02 08:36 GMT+8

“The Cabinet won’t fight against air pollution by means of distributing stove or enhancing fuel”, said Prime Minister J.Erdenebat.

He was addressing a regular meeting of National Committee for Environmental Pollution Reduction, the former National Committee for Air Pollution Reduction, which took place on August 1, Tuesday. “There’s no way we can fight against air pollution with what produces smoke”, he said.

Prime Minister and Head of the committee J.Erdenebat also stressed the necessity of taking efficient measures to prepare for winter in order to secure a safe living environment for everyone.

The meeting covered ‘Green loan’ fund, wintering preparations and progress of electrical overload prevention measures. The meeting was attended by members of the committee and representatives of other public organizations.

As of the first half of 2017, 114,512 residents of ger areas benefitted from electricity discount, with 6,363 households being newly connected to electricity. According to B.Nasantogtokh, Head of Department of Policy Management at the Ministry of Energy, winter preparations are 43 percent complete. He also reported that an information center for eco-friendly technology is ready to operate in four branches of the capital city one-window service offices.

The Prime Minister then issued several instructions. He assigned the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs to take measures on facilitating the legal environment for ‘Green Loan’ fund; the Ministry to Energy to intensify winter preparation activities at the heat supply network, and continue the night-time electricity discount; and the authorities of the capital city and provinces to speed up the winter preparation actions in their respective administrative units in order to fulfill their goals within the autumn. 


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