Invitation of project selection


2017-08-12 13:47 GMT+8

Project selection name: Select the factory of construction material

Project selection number: SSh-2017/01

Construction Material, Industry, and technology park of Nalaikh is inviting eligible participants to send their factory of construction material project

Participants can by each project document package (extra copy per request) for non-refundable 150.000MNT

We will receive project between 11/08/2017 and 25/08/2017

Need to send project with the amount of MNT that is equal to 1% of project value for proof.

Project need to send to below address before 25/08/2017 12.00PM

Project Selection will open on 25/08/2017 at 13.00 PM sharp and participants who wants to participate in selection process can involve.

Interested participant can receive project document and any other information from below address.

Acount number: Bank of State 312900114626

Constraction Material, Industry, and technology Park of Nalaikh. 3rd khoroo. Nalaikh district

Telephone. 75751001     Cell phone. 89219811

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