Solar smartphone charger created by Mongol engineer deployed on Seoul city

Journalist A.Odontuya

2017-08-25 12:26 GMT+8

A solar-powered smartphone charger deployed on the street of Seoul city which called "Smart Tree" has created by N.Battulga, a Mongolian engineer. He spent eight years on implementing the idea of the charger and getting a copyright. 

N.Battulga`s partner Shin Yeun Ka, a representative of Korea Green Tech Co., Ltd, introduced his invention to the Mayor of Seoul. Later, on Aug 23, 2017, the charger was agreed to be installed in front of Seoul City Hall Plaza. 

Moreover, N.Battulga`s innovative technology which required a lot of hard work was highly appreciated by Tesla, Inc, an American automaker. Delegations of the Tesla met with N.Battulga in Laos in March 2017 to discuss cooperation possibility. 

The super capacitor solar smartphone charger is weather resistant and features solar panels. The charger not only charges the phone but it also lightens. Thus, "Smart Tree" can be used as a technology to reduce air pollution of the Ulaanbaatar city by lighting the streets and road signs, stopping the use of electricity. 

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