Teachers demonstrate for salary while MPP discussing the resignation of the Government


2017-08-30 18:16 GMT+8

ULAANBAATAR (GoGo Mongolia) - Teachers of nine districts of Ulaanbaatar city held a demonstration today at 12 p.m, demanding salary increase. 

However, Mongolian People`s Party group in Parliament were busy discussing the resignation of the Prime Minister. It seems that they do not care the future of Mongolia and education. 

Teachers demand the Government to increase their salary to MNT 1.6 million (USD 650), establish a trilateral agreement of labor and improve the social security of staffs who work in education and science sectors. 

"Mongolian teachers are paid a minimum of USD 200 per month. 80-90 percent of the teachers have loans. We are living from loan to loan. Teachers earn their living by working in South Korea during the summer. It is embarrassing to report that Mongolian teachers do manual work in abroad", said demonstrators. 

Earlier, on Aug 28, Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports G.Chuluubaatar received teachers delegation and discussed the matter. At the meeting, the minister said that we established a working group jointly with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and conducting research on your requirements. Currently, the economic situation of the country can not increase the salary of teachers to 1.6 million by Sep 1. We are aiming to increase the salaries of teachers in stages. 


"We are the creator of Mongolian future"

Find a solution! Love the teachers! Increase the salary!

"Evaluate teachers"

We demand for salary increase. Increase the salary to MNT 1.6 million.

Doing part time work in South Korea for three days have same salary with the teachers of Mongolia

We are ready to go on strike

We want a life with no debts

We want overtime payment

Teachers are not service staffs

Photo by D.Javkhlantugs

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