Average salary in Mongolia is 394 USD


2017-09-13 15:34 GMT+8

ULAANBAATAR (GoGo Mongolia) - According to the National Statistics Office data as of second quarter of 2017, the average monthly salary in Mongolia reaches 394 USD (966,000 MNT). 

It has risen by 8.9 percent compared to the same period of previous year. 

The average salary of the company with 200 and up to employees is at 557 USD (1,365,300 MNT) while company consisting of 1-9 employees is at USD 258 (630,900).

Based on the general classifications of all economic activities, average monthly salary of the mining and exploration sector is estimated at 907 USD (2.2 million MNT) considering as the highest. Meanwhile, the salary of arts and entertainment sector employees paid the minimum salary of 250 USD (613 thousand MNT). 

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