"Sand dunes festival" takes place in Umnugobi province


2017-09-18 15:15 GMT+8

ULAANBAATAR (GoGo Mongolia) - An exotic event named "Sand dunes festival" was held in Khongoryn Els located in Sevrei soum of Umnugobi (South Gobi) province for the first time on Sep 13-14. 

The event aims to promote the Khongoryn Els and increase its tourist flow, which has huge range of sand dunes – 6–12 kilometres wide, 100 kilometres long and rising to a height of 80 metres. They are similar to the dunes of Egypt. The sands have attractive curves which end in a sharp edge, making wave-like patterns on the sand. They continually change shape due to the wind and reflect yellow-white colours as the intensity of light changes during the day.

Guests and delegates of the event attended sand volleyball and sumo competitions, marathon, photo contest and team relay competition. The most attracting activity during the festival was sand sculpting.

The Sand Dunes Festival has planned to be held annually. 

Source: Mongolian Tourism Association

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