Government responds to teachers demand


2017-09-20 09:03 GMT+8
"We demand for salary increase. Increase our minimum monthly salary to MNT 1.6 million."

ULAANBAATAR (GoGo Mongolia) - 70,000 teachers working at public schools, kindergarten, and vocational training centers joined their force and demanding raise in salary. 

Teachers established a temporary committee and repeatedly submitted official letters to the Government demanding to increase their minimum monthly salary to 1.6 million MNT (650 USD), to establish a trilateral agreement of labor and to improve the social security of staff who work in education and science sectors. 

On Aug 28, Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports G.Chuluubaatar met teachers and said that current economic situation of the country cannot hike the minimum monthly salary of teachers to 1.6 million within this year. Instead, we aim to boost the salaries under stages. 

However, teachers did not accept this offer and continued their struggle by holding a demonstration both in Ulaanbaatar city and 21 provinces on Aug 30. 

In its last demand, the committee announced to hold teachers' strike on Sep 21 and Sep 26 nationwide if the Government will not meet their requirement by Sep 15. 

"Mongolian teachers are paid a minimum of 200 USD base salary per month and 80-90 percent of them have loans. Some Teachers earn their living by working in South Korea during the summer. It is embarrassing to report that Mongolian teachers do manual work in abroad", said teachers. 

On Sep 14, the Government responded the demand and it says the salary of teachers can go up by at least 30 percent from Jan 1, 2018. 

Meanwhile, N.Munkhtuya, General coordinator of the committee states; "Our demands are clear. Teachers salary needs to be increased to 1.6 million MNT. We will not stop until the Government accepts our demands as it written on the official letter. The strike will take place". 

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