"We and Mongolian steppe love you"


2017-09-28 17:32 GMT+8

Although they met three days ago, they were meant to respect and love each other for the rest of their lives.

Now I am going to tell you a sad story that happened 14 years ago in Mongolia.

4 p.m. 17 Sep 2017

The 317th kilometer from Ulaanbaatar city, the Kharkhorin soum of Uvurkhangai province. On the left side of the long paved road, a small stone monument, surrounded with a blue fence, reading “In memory of my friend. Kobayashi Kengo. 1976-2003. We and Mongolian steppe love you. From your friends”. Milk, cedar, and incense stick were laid around the monument.


A few days earlier, Kobayashi Kengo, graduated from Japanese Medical University as a doctor and was happy for taking after his parent`s path. He was confident about his future and proposed to his girlfriend. When he was eating sushi with his parents and three sisters, he said “Currently, I am not ready to be a doctor. There are many things to learn”.

The day after, he called his mom and said: “I am going to experience the Mongolian wide-open steppe and blue sky before diving into a busy lifestyle. I am taking a flight now”.

His mom responded “Okay, my son. I heard that Mongolia is such a beautiful country”.

It was the last conversation between them and both of them did not know it was.

In front of the State Department Store, Ulaanbaatar city Kobayashi Kengo was asking direction from a man called Dorj. Dorj lives with his wife and two sons. He is the intelligent and bright man who speaks English.

The following day, they met in front of the State Department Store again. Kobayashi said: “I will not stay for too long. But I want to visit the most beautiful and historic place of your country. Where should I go?”

“I can take you to the first capital city of Mongolia, the Kharkhorum. You will never regret visiting there. If it is okay with you, we can go today”, responded Dorj.

Two hours later, Dorj hired his brother Bataa who recently bought Hyundai Excel and they headed to Kharkhorin soum of Uvurkhangai province.

They shot video during the whole trip. Kobayashi was talking about Japanese history and lifestyle, while Dorj was talking about Mongolian history.

In the evening they arrived in Kharkhorin soum and spent the night at Orkhon River. They run along the river, played in the river like kids, threw stones across the river and talked about life. At that time, one could have mistaken them as longtime best friends. They laughed and enjoyed their talk under the sky full of stars.

At dawn, Dorj made a tea and woke up Kobayashi and Bataa. It was Kobayashi`s last day.


Kobayashi was definitely having the time of his life. Because he came to the place of his dreams. His always-smiling face was shining brighter than before.

He was a big fan of wild nature, especially he loved the wind that has no color, smell and direction.

They left the Kharkhorin city in the afternoon and had lunch at ger café, which located 38 km away from the Kharkhorin. Dorj ordered four steamed buns for each. Bataa gave his two steamed buns to Kobayashi, when he saw that Kobayashi was truly enjoying the buns.

Then they sat in the car. Dorj wanted to drive as he recently completed the driving course. He said to Bataa: “Let me drive on this road. So you can sleep and rest before it gets dark. You know that I can not drive at night.” Bataa agreed and none of them wore the seat belts when they drove off.

Meanwhile, Kobayashi said, “I will come back again in Mongolia and you should visit me before I come back here”. Besides he was recording mountains, beautiful landscape and horizon through the car window.

8 kilometers from the stop, they were lying on the side of the road. The car has rolled over multiple times. Bataa and Dorj were ejected from the car and Kobayashi fell down near the broken car.

Dorjoo and people passing by repeatedly called police and ambulance. However, they came too late. Kobayashi died after saying one word in Japanese. He was only 27 years old.

A promise that he made to his girlfriend and his future plans shattered eternally with his dead body in Mongolia.

Japanese Embassy in Mongolia delivered the news of the tragic death of Kobayashi`s family. Following, his mother and sisters have arrived in Mongolia. They never imagined of coming to the country his son and brother loved with tears and sorrow.


A Japanese citizen has been killed due to a car accident. Dorj`s family members expected that the trial would end up with capital punishment.

The trial has begun and it showed the material evidence and videos of the trip. Kobayashi`s mother said: “I watched the videos. I have no complaint towards the last friends of my beloved son. They made my son laugh and happy. Even one of them gave his meal to my son. Could you please grant amnesty to these guys, please?”

The judges and families of Dorj and Bataa cried when they heard those words. All people in the trial room were surprised by mother`s kindness and goodness. Her words saved Bataa and Dorj from jail.


Bataa and his mother visited Kobayashi`s mother to apologize and seek forgiveness.

Bataa`s mother, a 60 years old woman who herds livestock throughout her life, bowed to Kobayashi`s mother when she entered the room. Although they did not understand each other, they were consoling each other, wiping their tears.

Later a woman helping with translation said: “They did not need a translator at that time. I understood that all mothers feel the same. Although they spoke in different languages, they understood each other well and shared their sorrows without words”.

Then Bataa`s mother said: “Many people, especially at this time, who lost their child because of the mistakes of others, they will demand life sentence. Even I would be one of them. Thus, I will never forget your kind heart and sharp intelligence. I will always pray for you and your son”.

Bataa said: “I will build a monument for your son and my friend”.

In response, Kobayashi`s mother said: “Then we will come back here 10 years later to visit my son`s monument. Thank you for being with my son and fulfilling his last wish. It is really hard for us. But, from now on, our family has a big reason to visit Mongolia”.

Then she gave her son`s razor and watch to Bataa and said: “Give that razor to the man who first met my son and showed him a beautiful place”.

Also, she gave a cassette to the translator and said: “The first song seems like a song dedicated to my son. Remember my son when you listen to that song”.

One year later, Bataa kept his promise and built a monument dedicated to the Kobayashi`s memorial near the place where the accident happened.

Bataa said: “We collected 600 thousand MNT (approx 240 USD) in a year. Then we built this monument with the best stone. We wrote “We and Mongolian steppe love you” on the monument.

I do not want to end the memory about him and his mother`s kind heart with us. It is a monument to remember him forever. However, I will never get rid of my guilt and regret”.

During the accident, Bataa had a serious injury in his brain. However, he did not care about that and said it is nothing compared to my friend`s death.

JUNE 2013

Kobayashi`s parents, three sisters, and girlfriend came to Mongolia. For the past decade, two mothers were exchanging letters. In addition, Kobayashi`s parents joined a project to renew boards of Mongolia`s local schools and donated new boards.

On the road to the monument, Kobayashi`s mother was crying, while listening to the song that reminds of her son and kept saying: “I should have forbidden him to go to Mongolia”.

Bataa`s mother, Bataa and Kobayashi`s family were standing beside the monument. Kobayashi became the son of both families.

Translator asked Kobayashi`s mother: “Why did not you forbid your son going to Mongolia? Or you could have advised him to go with travel agency”.

“Kobayashi used to deliver news after he had made the decision on his own. Before coming to Mongolia, he traveled to Hong Kong and came safely. I thought it would be fine as usual. That is why I did not forbid him to go to Mongolia and I did not even say to be careful”, the mother replied.

Also, the mother explained why she asked to grant amnesty.

“I wanted these mothers not to suffer like me. These guys were the last friends of my son and they tried their best to make my son happy. Even one of them shared his food with my son. I saw it from the video”.

The translator asked Bataa`s mother why she took a bow when she met the Kobayashi`s mother. “Kobayashi is like my son. I felt deep sorrow and guilt which made me bow”.

4:40 p.m 17th Sep 2017

They were singing together a Japanese song called “I am a thousand winds”. It is the first song on the cassette.

They all felt that Kobayashi became a wind and stayed forever in Mongolian steppe. He went to the heaven proving that mother`s love for her child is same in all countries regardless of the language, culture, or custom.

Since Kobayashi`s mother visited the monument, she is sending incense sticks from Japan to the translator. Also, she says people who are going to Mongolia to pour water around her son`s monument worrying he might be thirsty.

Source: Undesnii Shuudan newspaper

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