Made in Mongolia clothes for the Mongolian harsh winter

Journalist A.Odontuya

2017-12-06 09:30 GMT+8

Winter in Mongolia is long and harsh. The cold season starts from November and continues until March. We think that it would be a good time to talk about winter layering.

Mongolians traditionally count winter cold days as a nine cycle of nine days, totaling to 81 days. The first nine days are started on December 22nd. The first four nine days (from Dec 22nd to Feb 18) are considered as the coldest while temperature drops to 27C - 30C at day and 30C - 40C at night in most areas of the country. 

However, with the right clothing, you‘ll have nothing to fear from Mongolian harsh winter.


Mongolia is a home of cashmere and wool while there are a number of factories that produce clothes to keep you warm and stylish during the winter. Wear lots of cashmere layers. 

The worth buying things from Mongolia is definitely cashmere products due to its high quality and low cost. For instance, 100% cashmere coat values at an average of 3,000 USD in the world market. However, cashmere coat is available in Mongolia at 298-800 USD in here which is 10 times cheaper than world market.

The leading players in this sector are GobiGoyo and Erdenet. 

In addition to cashmere, warmer fabrics such as camel, yak and sheep wool are common in Mongolia. You can find sweater, coat, deel, pants, socks, scarf, gloves, hat and blanket made from cashmere and wool products from every largest stores and market around Mongolia. 


From ancient times, Mongolians have been wearing sheepskin in winter. Nowadays, with the help of modern technology, raw sheepskin can be turned into stylish coats. Darkhan Nekhii and Darkhan Minj sell not only coats but also hats, shoes, and gloves that made from 100% sheepskin. The minimum price for the sheepskin coat starts from 130 USD. 

In addition, if you would like to put on traditional clothes, you can order a deel, the traditional costume of Mongolia, with a sheepskin in it. It may costs around 500 - 700 USD. 


The warm shoe is considered as the most important thing to cope with Mongolian harsh winter. The ground is much colder than the air temperature and if your shoes have thin soles or are leaking water, you‘ll lose a large amount of body heat through your feet.

Have you ever heard that dog fur and skin are perfect to make the warmest shoes to cope with the cold? Leather shoes with dog skin inside and decorated by dog fur outside are commonly worn by Mongolian men. 

You can find the dog skin shoes at the Narantuul or Dunjingarav markets or you can order the authentic dog skin shoes that fit perfectly for you from the handmade shoe factories. Besides being super warm, it is very affordable which starts at 30 USD. 

Attention ladies! Dog skin shoes are giant and ugly, huh? How about felt or horse skin shoes which are warm as the dog skin shoes? 

When you hear the word "felt", you might imagine something thick and hard. By mixing sheep wool with different types of material, "Bajuna" brand produce lighter and more attractive shoes compared to the Russian felt shoes. Prices for the felt shoe range between 70-80 USD. 

Meanwhile, Khuundii brand offers you horse skin shoes which looks same as Yakut reindeer fur boots. The horse skin shoes are being sold at 150 USD. 

We have done with the winter layering tips. Narantuul and Dunjingarav markets are the best places where you can buy all above mentioned made in Mongolia clothing. 

Stay tuned!

PS: Always keep your hands and head covered. 

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