U.Khurelsukh: Do not expect illegal actions from my Government

M.Jargal GoGo.mn

2017-10-04 13:59 GMT+8

ULAANBAATAR (GoGo Mongolia) - Members of Parliament today appointed U.Khurelsukh as the 30th Prime Minister of Mongolia. 

Today`s session was attended by 47 MPs and U.Khurelsukh collected all votes. 

29 members of the ruling Mongolian People`s Party were absent at the session, witnessing its clash. It has asked a question that the U.Khurelsukh`s Government will face lack of political support in further. 

Earlier U.Khurelsukh promised that he will not change the current structure of the Government. In other words, the number of ministries will not be increased or decreased. Therefore, the names of Ministries will be announced soon. 

U.Khurelsukh said: "I will be the Prime Minister who implements the party platform, restores the economy and fights corruption. 

Justice is lacking in society. It is time to make a dramatic change. From this moment, the Government will work for adhering the law in state organizations. 

Do not expect illegal actions from the Government led by me. I am only afraid of losing people of Mongolia`s hope and faith". 

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