"The Children of Genghis" among 92 Best Foreign Language Oscar submissions


2017-10-10 09:52 GMT+8

ULAANBAATAR (GoGo Mongolia) - "The Children of Genghis" was officially submitted for the 90th Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category, making its first-ever bids for the prestigious honor.

"The Children of Genghis" will compete with 92 foreign films on behalf of Mongolia. 

Directed by D.Zolbayar, "Children of Genghis" was filmed in Arkhangai province in 2016. D.Angarag and J.Altantsetseg served as producer and Ch.Ganzorig, G.Buyantsogt served as writers. 

The stars are D.Dorjsambuu, D.Dorj, D.Sharavdorj, B.Batmend, R.Ankhnyam and Britanny Belt. 

The film will premiere in Ulaanbaatar on 11 Oct. Cinema theatres operating in Ulaanbaatar city will screen the film with English subtitle. 

Summary: The Mongolian people from long ago have had a tradition of three cultural games that have always been around during the time of festivities. Mongolian wrestling, racing horses and archery were among the three traditional games. This story will focus on the horse racing tradition. The town's best horse race trainer Bold, has many people gathered at his house for a special announcement. Bold begins to brag about his horses and skills and how no one in town is better than him. Bold begins to talk about his most prized horse, the brown steed that still has yet to find its rider. After hearing this the townspeople recommend Dambii's eldest son Dorj to be the rider. Upon hearing this Boldoo decides to ask Dambii's son Dorj to be the rider for his horse. Dambii lives with his wife, Dolgor and three sons, Dorj (12 yrs old), Byambaa (8 yrs old) Nanzaa (4 yrs old) in the vast countryside in Mongolia. All of Dambii's sons have a knack for the horse. When Bold recruites Dambii's eldest son his middle son Byambaa gets angry that he wasn't chosen to ride. When Byambaa gets angry that he wasn't chosen he storms off.

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